the knowing day

SONY DSCas it was that day
the sweet sorrow,
tangled memories
my clumsy struggle
to fill the empty boxes,
nonsensical laughter
because what else
could be done there
facing the sober truth
your hand in mine,
the one that once
wiped nightmares away
now waiting the footsteps
the words that hung
across the room such,
barely understandable
yet, even the neighboring
old woman could hear
how the heaviness
melted the sunshine
as she smiled, telling
what good daughters are we,
these things between us
echo again and again
lingering quiet moments
trying to smooth out
the wrinkled sheets
of what remained
those heavy, heavy rocks
the burdens carried
yearning for comfort
that blush of grace
dismiss the fading horizon
the ‘awefull’ knowing
in the silence of day
watching the ocean roar
across the TV screen
while all I could say was,
“it will be okay,
it will be okay.”

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