Life’s passages;
the turning,
the not turning back,
morning breaking upon
last nights dirty dishes,
lost words swallowed
that should have been spoken,
the hope fading into dawn,
the awful shedding,
the giving away
shards of youth
the long walk,
walking away
and finally understanding.

Hope’s passages;
the cloudy eyes, the beating
wings – haunting,
the ocean crashing
turning stone to sand
calling out the dreams,
the hint of happiness,
the grace
on the edge of knowing
the name of he who calls,
almost received,
the rhythm of
the rocking chair
and finally consolation

Time’s passage
the layers of confusion
in youthful stepping
the foreign scents of Autumn
sensing the watchers,
the cold longing
looking toward the dream
along the fringes,
insatiable and searching
further down the road
the answers hidden,
the endless waiting
into the twilight
and finally recognition.