love’s landscape

how fair and
beautiful you are
that love colors
your eyes blue
with the sea
on a whisper;
transparent silk
over naked souls –
mysterious and hungry.
Within the splendor
of wandering
lost and unafraid
beyond the walls
I find you waiting,
me move across a room
into smiling arms
and the warmth
captured there.
Within the reach
six words spoken,
tingling fingers
consume pleasure
heard above
the roar of stars
from the places
you want to go
to the dark corners
from which you hide.
Love lightens
those corners
and bathes me
in those words,
losing myself
in time
all the stories
that weave
a landscape of you.
Rivers flow,
hills etch
horizon lines –
ecstasy’s release,
rolling in your tall grass.
I feel your even breath
against my nape
to sense your pulse
against mine –
one heart
to sleep, dream
and awaken each day,
persistent and calm
as the summer rain
flowing over
the coupling dance;
the sway and rhythm,
joy and pain,
unity and separateness,
to leave and still remain.

– Previously Published