the long way

The air is still chill though
the sun shines bright
No one notices the blooms
that push past winter
As they pass through
the archway into the darkness
Of this stone fortress that once held
memories of finer times.

So much is lost with time,
each second dulls the senses
Yet we continue the search for
our place amongst the stones
And mortar, leather and wool,
curtains and curtsies,
You can never go back and
It’s a long way home…

  • Previously published 1999

National Science Foundation/Dave Munroe

moving on

a slice
of sorrow
with a flare
wild horses
then calm
both knowing
saying the words
welled up
behind all
hurt and tears
bled upon
our palms
and cared for
still lingering
a surprise
no foil
or pretty
time for mercy
for forgiving
for kindness
moving on.

  • Previously published 1999

wild horse