in your hands

its back
what love
once created
without thorns
old gardening
gloves protect
those hands
that once
my palm
swung beside us
Street Fair visits
helped into
the car for
long rides
over the Sonoran
playing with
the ring given
and how
it reflected
light and smiles
where it
ran through
long black hair
with tenderness
has turned
its back
what love
once created.

treasures by post

long letters or pictographs
written with care and thought
even in choosing the stamp
and placement on the envelope
we’d wait for the next exchange
sometimes with photos, perfumed
little kisses left behind, etchings
a world of wonderful expectation
with the trip to the mailbox daily
Even, “Ralphie had been rushing
to the mailbox every day
in hopes his decoder ring would arrive”
always held precious to latter
be opened with care, kept in a box.