the welcome wanting

layers of the rough come softly

pauses the moon beside a smile waiting
the hope that raises and lowers breath
cradled in the hues that call your heart
pulls such things in all tightly wrapped

what do you call your places there
hiding in the creases folds your words
and oh the longing that hangs subtle
seconds drip these walls with melting notes

after this our days do shorten and long
into expanding lines of waning light
it wasn’t the union that he ran from
but the lady laying in the fearsome dark

when layers of the rough come softly
touches the edges of this untamed night
brings the color to her welcome wanting
covers the fading cries of love’s knife

– Previously published 2008

woman in the dark

between the notes

like red the rain comes

cresting the mountain your welcoming light
brings with it the haze of monsoon spent

your hands reach through the seconds there
finds some comfort in the languishing night

poppies twist and smile the birthing day
catches the dew drops the trees do shed

framing – a word, a note, a wink, a sigh
carves the folds where your thoughts now lay

singing the heart of your hopeful waiting
brings with this the purple day welcomes

walking the stones that line your green edges
opens like red the rain comes tension abating