these days

– in the upside down kinda way

bending the day’s joy
you stood so tall there
lean the doorway smiling
glanced my way sideways
with mischief in the air
I saw you smile before
but not like these notes
how music made its way
made us dance the floor
these days of lavender
grow and lengthen still
while arm in arm laughing
seeing things lightly in that
upside down kinda way


of what we know

– these hurried days shout

it is with flying feet that sweeps the winter
blown in from higher places with whispers
of what we know and do not speak aloud

the lying of the rustled sand now slips past
gone so soon into another stranger’s arms
these hurried days shout the anguished sky

leaves you sitting in the darkness wondering
how patient the seconds slip into each other
when will they turn and smile down upon you

all the pretty things of what we know.