Old Wise Sayings

Brazilian Proverbs

Alluding sleep will be your fate
when heavy words resound in flight
as your words take form and grow in weight
to fall upon your head all night.

In looking round to place your blame
when pointing fingers do merit lack,
you will find that to your shame
three of your own are pointed back.

When luxury escapes your course
substitute what pride beget
in the absence of a hunting dog
you then must hunt with prowling cat.

Attempting to appease the tiger soul
a danger lies in bending too low
in being so humble you may find
you have allowed your tail to show.

Alone and empty-handed you arrive
and solemnly encounter strife;
through troubled times, then gather stones,
you carry with you throughout your life.

Words of wisdom, Jewels of rhythm,
from my mother, passed through time,
to children given, for you to see,
these are the proverbs once told to me.

– Previously Published 1991

Author’s Note:
The proverbs as they were told:

    “Don’t go to bed angry”
    “Don’t point your finger, three of your own point back”
    “If you can’t hunt with a dog, hunt with a cat”
    “Don’t bend too low or your a55 will show”
    “We all have our bag of rocks to carry, carry them well”
    Many others remain to be written.

Old Wise Woman


what is this crazy
making generated
gyrations of spurious
affection shown
covering beneath it
all real pain and
desire like a trapped
animal thrashing
wild eyed and
panting its last few
moments where angels
appear as demons
taunting, teasing out
the flesh wounds
blood now where
tears once flowed
how heartless
your vampire’s thirst
lures the naive
lowly dainty ones.