Calling all poets!

ANYONE interested in participating in an altered Renga Round?17703420-origpic-1bbdb2

Renga: “Japanese linked poetry in the form of a tanka (or series of tanka), with the first three lines composed by one person and the second two by another. A typical renga sequence is comprised of 100 stanzas composed by about three poets in a single sitting.”

My preference is for one poet to write 2-3 lines, then the other reply with 2-3 lines, usually free style but whatever emerges is great.  It’s complete when both poets “FEEL” it is whole, then they pick a title.  Once it is done, we will publish it here referencing both poets as co-authors alphabetically.  It’s fun and you never know what you’ll get.  If you’re interested, send me an email and let’s get started.

Send your lines to:
I’ll reply with 2-3 days and vice versa.
Let’s write together!

What remains

with such a light foot
and airy demeanor
across the firmament
that jealous clouds divide
rose the notes and chords
of covetous day
blushing sweet before
her dew laden vestments
opens her expansive
arms receiving twilight’s
growing warmth pressing
sensual reflection
into conscious thought
that arrests the heart
quickens the pulse that
feeds the beating measure
finds you impoverished
of your love’s presence
tearing promise from its
steady song placed there
upon your welcoming lap
searching the skies for eyes
that always glister bright
regard upon your countenance
feed once the melancholy soul
with boisterous rapture
frames the vibrant dreams
of building expectation
that guide the steady
course of mighty constitution
cutting through the glacial path
influencing destiny
to press your head
against her bosom
and remaining there.


Remembering You

I stand
to shadows
‘bangers and mash’
‘egg and chips’
afternoon tea
hiking along
Valley Forge
and how
the nettles
stung my feet
and hands
road trips
to picnic
and water
NYC and Cats
the secret names
Thanksgiving and
homemade stockings
at Christmas
you liked
to drive fast
the curves
and bends along
old Pennsylvania
‘tunnel vision’
summer of ’69
young girl
the stories told
tall tales
and folklore
so now
that one
embarrassing day
fades with you
like the clouds
you touched
running together
you so fast
up those hills
I could not
keep up
how you
of flying
eventually did…
how you
fly now.

– Goodbye my friend, you’re always with me.

dangerous beauty


Turning Inward

it comes from the deep, dark dangerous
places where you find yourself grabbing
whatever floats, searching those inner
desires, fears, sorrows, joys, and passions
before you take that next step, water cold
foot first with care and waiting the gasp
when your lungs expel all that it could hold
the words, like puzzle pieces, on the floor
luscious tears just running your cheeks
beautiful agony of life exposed publicly.