whispering hands

delicate the fading comes

soft such whispers that span these days
touch those so far away their captured heart
springs the tumbling passion like floods of green
rising up to meet you on your journey home

such lovely curves that wrap your steely blue
holds your breath in deepening waves
a rip tide that holds you firm in its sight with
desire worn, binds your wrist in golden bangles

it was the feverish love that swallowed you
as you swallowed each other in dance, moving
cross the dirty streets to the park side of town
you laid your love down on the velvet green

there the crowds watched walking hands held
cheered atop their perch and smiled down
you there so small in his shadow tried not to notice
the red in the sky drew in the day’s final thoughts

it was from one song to another that swayed
your tender heart given freely the fragments of time
carries the ghosts that now live in those places once
vibrant, we walk alone as delicate the fading comes

-Previously Published

echos that reverb within

now that the heat
is no longer captured
night comes cooler
soothing these trees

monsoon’s last vestitures
marked only by fog
rolls back into canyons
reveberations of you

the day’s fury settles
with eery silence lingering
hangs heavy as wet rugs
dripping emotive torrents

unsettling stillness
how you haunt my lawn
walking sharp edges
pierces the beauty

worn are your words
remains of this week
like porcelain soldiers
splintered on Italian tile

Grassy Hills