The Return of Sunshine and Favor

To Francesca and my Eleni, we follow you, your heart, your love, your sunshine and favor.
Thanks for being there.

Even illness couldn’t keep it down
something from the depths of musky earth
like sunflowers and poppies burst forth
with laughter and goose bumps, folly and fun,
a child’s sleeping smile or jasmine tea.

The plane had not yet arrived
but the ground still trembled
in anticipation, the air – thick blue velvet,
slow waves of movement through the trees,
we saw it there, silent in simple gowns

On the edge of a dream coveted
and suddenly everything would be all right
as if cradled in mama’s arms again – the warmth
of flesh, a tight embrace upon the return,
the return of our sunshine and favor.

Francesca and Eleni

Sunshine and Favor


Clouds scream across a stolen sky
but you don’t hear, your silent ears
ornaments to adorn your face,
useless spangles like piles of
magazines left unread, stacked in
dark corners, yellowing, dying,
transformed to a fine dust that covers
your eyes with unending sleep, locked
within a world without a voice,
clouds are calling to you to rise,
“take flight with me”, rise above the
labels that you wear so dearly,
they keep you bound to emptiness –
and in that emptiness, find despair.
So much opens to those who dare,
clothed with another perspective,
traversing the gentle landscape,
brushing its lovely loneliness
like a cool breeze on a phantom day.
Listen to her song, awaken,
find the hidden treasure resting there,
today’s the day, look – clouds are talking.

– Previously published 1994

Clouds Folder Maysa Peterson

Photography by: Debbie Downes