Those things that still hang
taken to the grave, buried
the grief… sorrow… and
even the love
with those last words
that echo
the darkness,
stitching that holds you
down, “…whenever I look
at you…”
and how the variants
now only stones
in the garden
fossils that mark
the loose
a connection
knit and pearled
a sweater
that now
the closet hook,
its emblem
a reminder
like distant memories
snowy and cold,
the spiders
that clung
to the frosted window
and the glow
from the evening
light that creeps
the door’s gaps,
threads it all 
rivers that run wild
they pass
on untamed stories
hushed and
luscious tones
woven for you
a shell to wear
the winter
of these days.

light under the door


of the finest
these moments
transform energy
blooms compassion
with little hands
half-closed eyes
steps aside
my fragile heart
begins a new song
with graceful
dancing smiles
along other roads
where trees
sway poetry
in gentle breezes
and your love
not contained
carries the river
touches bare feet
of children playing
sandy shoes
that line the door
warm cocoa memories
rich laughter
like kindness

old shoes

she sleeps

the fine line

you were so small crossing the bridge
your hand hidden in mine, fingers close round
and the rickety bridge with missing boards
the little creek singing up from below

somehow the cave at the end of the trail
seemed so much larger and darker then
such adventures unexpected were born
that summer when you were only eight

the hope returns now in Sophia’s laughter
with the same smile and little hands
that hold the dreams of our fine lines
passed down from mother to child

like the stories we told and lullabies
soothing the wrinkled days we find hope
connecting us all to each other again for
in the dreams of tomorrow, she sleeps

– Previously Published

she sleeps

in that unknown

what might be

steps fall
before the dawn
walking halls
while seconds
tick again
inside the
begin to
take form
surface and
their first
with that
cry while
in the corner
of such a
scene lies
the gems
once cherished
now locked
cedar walls
old photos
of a love
what could
have been
lost to
and searching
turns you now
western skies
in that
sweet unknown
twisting for
what might be


the welcome wanting

layers of the rough come softly

pauses the moon beside a smile waiting
the hope that raises and lowers breath
cradled in the hues that call your heart
pulls such things in all tightly wrapped

what do you call your places there
hiding in the creases folds your words
and oh the longing that hangs subtle
seconds drip these walls with melting notes

after this our days do shorten and long
into expanding lines of waning light
it wasn’t the union that he ran from
but the lady laying in the fearsome dark

when layers of the rough come softly
touches the edges of this untamed night
brings the color to her welcome wanting
covers the fading cries of love’s knife

– Previously published 2008

woman in the dark

between the notes

like red the rain comes

cresting the mountain your welcoming light
brings with it the haze of monsoon spent

your hands reach through the seconds there
finds some comfort in the languishing night

poppies twist and smile the birthing day
catches the dew drops the trees do shed

framing – a word, a note, a wink, a sigh
carves the folds where your thoughts now lay

singing the heart of your hopeful waiting
brings with this the purple day welcomes

walking the stones that line your green edges
opens like red the rain comes tension abating


these days

– in the upside down kinda way

bending the day’s joy
you stood so tall there
lean the doorway smiling
glanced my way sideways
with mischief in the air
I saw you smile before
but not like these notes
how music made its way
made us dance the floor
these days of lavender
grow and lengthen still
while arm in arm laughing
seeing things lightly in that
upside down kinda way


of what we know

– these hurried days shout

it is with flying feet that sweeps the winter
blown in from higher places with whispers
of what we know and do not speak aloud

the lying of the rustled sand now slips past
gone so soon into another stranger’s arms
these hurried days shout the anguished sky

leaves you sitting in the darkness wondering
how patient the seconds slip into each other
when will they turn and smile down upon you

all the pretty things of what we know.



Echos and Sighs

Moonlight defines
the curves
of her waist
to the lines
of love’s
They turn
as one
in a closed
Tall grasses
like dark
wind’s fire
Stretched out
the cold
still earth
As autumn’s
stellar figures
sweep the sky
They reach
across the void
in mutual thirst
a heated kiss,
a phrase,
a sigh.



Phantoms formed from every breath
In the still of sleeping day
Expectations frozen blue
Silent fury of hunted prey

Captured in the morning’s chill
Venus cradled in crescent embrace
Passion worn like whispering fog
Cold and warm upon your face

A simple silhouette of a dream
Folded away like forgotten clothes
Entangled eclipse of elusive love
Ah – this is what you chose.