they always asked
if we were twins
dressed alike
outfits mama made
Sunday clothes
hair in ribbons
white gloves
smiling photos
with time we’d
express ourselves
yet sometimes
caught wearing
the other
one’s clothes
but in
looking back
it was always
patent leather
shoes we liked
the most.

Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake House

While riding the 741

Bus Ride

Painting by: Joseph Watson

the bench seat
was hard pressed
against back
legs sitting
watching people
board and
depart across
the town’s stops
writing notes about
the people seen
imagining the lives
beneath facades
dressed in scarves
or baseball caps
holding packages
averting eyes
or groups chatting
among themselves
sights, smells and
sounds consumed
while the big blue
bus eating coins
rumbled through
the city streets.