Answering the Call

– Also published on Pearls of Wisdom.

After watching a number of shows and interviews, reading again – The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and doing some big soul searching, here’s the lessons that came up for me today.

Dukkha – suffering, is one of the four noble truths. Elizabeth Gilbert quotes in her interview with Oprah,  “Never waste your suffering.”  You can turn your suffering into grace but you have to learn and allow it to transform you.  Grace is always present and there for you. The words you hear in your head that tell you that you are bad, ugly, damaged is ego.  “Who are you going to blame your life on today?”  Grace would never says those words to you.  You’re in charge of your beautiful soul. “Grace says to you, ‘You are splendid.’ ”

Magga – the path to the end of suffering is the fourth noble truth;  the hero’s journey. You’re invited. Everyone’s invited to answer the call in their lives. It is not easy; the Road of Trials. But.. You have to answer the call to be the hero of the story and fulfill the highest expression of yourself.  The climax of the hero’s journey, the battle, is losing your fear… your fear of death.  But the end of the journey is coming back and telling your story. It’s the public service you provide, share, and show others what you’ve learned so they too can be inspired to answer the call in their own lives. We need more women heroes to help other women answer the call.

Pay telephone booths near Scott Quadrangle c 1967

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