upon a once only time
tumbled Jill after
i took the blade
made her cloth
of bridge twine
troll roared
at trampling goat gruff
be nimble, be quick
down let
your long hair
amid his fragile
lining the fallen
no more
moon jumping
i stare
undulating stars.


  • Previously publish under marc says, maysa says
    Renga Rounds
    Marco Ashcroft & Maysa Peterson

the crossing

back there gates swung in dust

watchtower stood

brooding the dead city

devastation lingers

fierce silhouettes

of passion spent

jagged rock bleeds

thoughts of you

amid the bleached bone

of red hair

lighting the crossroads

hunger rises again

the lost and the lonely

beneath a stone

your image taunts

i follow.


– Photography by Aline Smithson May 30, 2013

  • Previously published in marc says, maysa says
    Renga Rounds 1998
    by Marco Ashcroft and Maysa Peterson