first light

strung tightly
and twisted about
too much to hear
the pauses
between words
as allusions
for that other meaning
fed piece-meal
its collective reaches
near infinite
composed wholly
of silence
mornings pause
as usher
the new light
the land born
and felt
clearly now
with the cricket ceasing
a pulse
a place
where red markings
the illusions of night
the desire of
a new day
and your smile
my reply



fred the dolphin

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Day 41 and a half:   Andrew, this is for you.  I’m so grateful for your phone call, your encouragement, and the gift of laughter. I will wear my new running watch with increased vigor and gratitude for you. This is something we’ve always had, my friend… this wonderful ability to create silly stories (Fred – the dolphin, dropping the mail bag, and the tuna boat). We would laugh until the wee hours of the night over the silliest things.  My favorite story is when we were doing a training run up on the hill behind the main Tech Area and we accidentally run through a nuclear reclamation area.  Remember?  We couldn’t believe that they had GREEN signs warning people to stay out.  “Green means go, not stop or beware!”  And all that ‘pink ribbon’… which later we realized was probably faded RED tape to keep out.  I laughed so hard, I peed myself.

Here’s to the old aspen grove, the Valle Caldera, Yellowstone & Camp 184, Bryce & Zion, running marathons together, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic railroad, the Cerro Grande fire, how you ran EVERY race at The Race for the Zoo to help the children to finish: you and me on the 10k, you with Eleni on the 5K, the mile run with the boys …and how you got Evan to run a mile in 7 minutes that day.  He was so proud of himself that he shared that experience, and his T-shirt, with pride at his elementary school’s first grade show and share.

You are laughter, joy and love.
Namaste to you.


returning home



holding hands form
fingers knitted
fabric weaving
beauty within
the gentle folds
walking time
blended melody
sings,  skipping barefoot
the scented cut grass
as summer forms
beautiful sculptures
that dance azul
plays the scene
center stage in life
with passing hours
such that gloaming
turns vibrant orange
invites celestial
giants to emerge
returning home