defining you

before electrons firing, connecting
one neuron to another forms
pattern that you’ve felt before,
the addiction of attraction, anxiety,
stress, or fear, that form 
a chain
so many miles long, no one
can really know 
the endlessness
like Christmas lights that line
city streets at night reflected off
the muddled snow in heaps aside
one stream 
to another, fireflies
that feed your thoughts, driving to
places you have dreamed about yet
dare not go, even in sleep 
there is
no rest, it creates the reality that is you
the only 
truth that matters, your unique
piece of humanity standing the crowd
pacing the worry while holding up the trees
not to make a fallen sound, majestic
dances in the wind, and somewhere
a baby cries, 
and somewhere a woman
dies, and somewhere lovers 
sigh, and
somewhere a soldier kills, the reality
create, the definitions you told
yourself, just illustrations of the story
 are the truth no one else can own
things that were spoken and 
those that
you cling to like the lies in this bed,  

they define you, they define only you, 
only you alone in your illusion.


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