swimming in stars


Mosquito Bay

the moon comes he says
in tones that rise and fall,
falling stars will then hide
what now circles all around
glistening water, luminescent
trails behind like wings
dark, the little boat bobs
sways the tidal dancing
direction becomes lost as
downward the upward shining
swimming between the stars
an ethereal welcoming home


One thought on “swimming in stars

  1. Lovely! Watch it, is it” moon  comes”? on the first line. I think so…. What an impressive pic, also!It is all good.

    Russ and Ivanna stopped by, brought us some paint leftover from her house, great,  Dad needs that to finish painting the garage which is now half garage and my studio.The studio is  ready but I am not- everytime I move I go empty creatively, I guess I have been too busy with the house and the yard, mostly the yard.Also all the health issues, they eat me up.

    Russ removed that ugly basket-shade off the  front  room (above the dining room table you gave me), I hated that dirty brown old thing (a basket really). So, it is simpler now, just a round  glass covering for the bulb.

    Ivanna took a few pics of  our home as it is now, she will probably put some on Facebook, I think.

    If you want go to the early service and meet Delle= I know she would love it. Have a good weekend, love, Mom



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