in the vast

I am that I am,
that I am,
that I am. That is
all there ever was,
ever is and
ever will be.
Here on this
little blue dot
in the middle
of all explosions,
implosions and beauty
Just a part of
the never-ending
energy; the story rolls
forward with motion,
consciousness, and
progressive transformation.
Everything is connected
at the smallest and
the grandest level.
in the vast,
sleeping potential stirs,
tosses and turns,
waiting your arrival
and the awakening.
within this moment,
hearts expand. In
the spaces, love
is placed gently
like a seed.
Warmed in compassion,
watered by awareness,
feed by intention,
a garden grows
with mounds
of wild lavender.
Big, round rows
of passion, deep
in its purpleness,
the scent rises,
fills your head
with the calmness
of knowing, that
you know, all
you know,
that you are,
I am.


For Cynthia and Jon, with gratitude.

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