between trees and dreaming

what washes away those things divine

so much noise swirling
drowns the sweetness
that follows the notes
strung together a melody
takes you down the steps
where you remember
how mama scratched your
sleepy head telling stories
the pear tree so ripe and
how it flavored the air
traveling over the miles
humid and dripping
even the jungle smelled green
longing to hear your
native tongue the beating drums
move your feet to dance
around the shining bottle
family smiles and moments
when children’s laughter rose
parted the curtains that
hung heavy between us
gentle the wind blows through
swept the room’s warmth
over our hill in the woods
where you played under
old cherry trees and maple
sledding through snow
hikes at the end of town
where the road just ended
crossing the rickety bridge
and into the spare stream
the day the bees chased us
all the way back to the road
such beauty touches those
who open their hearts but
how brutal the gnashing
thunder from across the room
washes away those things divine
gone too soon from the
dwindling days’ lace and silk
shed now for flannel
dreams that color these days
leaves you naked before
the velvet hope that
another joy will rise.