porcelain soldiers

echos from the weeks that passed

now that the heat
is no longer captured
night comes cooler
soothing these trees


remains the monsoon left behind

monsoon’s last vestures
marked only by fog
rolls back into canyons
reverberations of you

the day’s fury settles
with eery silence lingering
hangs heavy as wet rugs
dripping emotive torrents

unsettling stillness
how you haunt my lawn
walking sharp edges
pierces the beauty

worn are your words
remains of this week
like porcelain soldiers
splintered on Italian tile

there with that loving goes

here and there

it was with an edgy silence
that they walked the green
with all the heather scented
opened into a wider space
where melon sky consumed 
the voices
that laughter rose
heavy fog caressed the hills
found her curves and valleys
sways the windswept oak

how yellow the blanket grass
makes stand the dotted green
there with that loving goes
two such fragile hearts frame
a scene from Juliet’s garden
even the moon went pale

(Originally published:   Friday, November 21, 2008)

Such Things

such things that linger


the water lined with debris
blown leaves, twigs and insects swirl
battered by spring’s torrent lies
tiny remains of last night’s storm

wandering thoughts take their time
twisting in the dark corners
nothing but the stillness lingers
yet how like the wind she howls

(Originally published March 1, 2009)